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Gang Rehabilitation In Progress

Sunday Express News article about Director of Grip article by Peter Holley

"I have never met anyone who can hold an audience like Mr. Tutt. The way he breaks that psychology stuff down make even us professional wonder if we are thinking right. His methods and approach have our kids focused", said Anthony Ray Eastside Branch Director Boys and Girls Club.

Helping one life at a time matters. All you need is a desire for change. Ask because the help is available. No one making a transition back into society should do it alone.

I am currently the Case Manager for the George Gervin Workforce Development. I have served as the Gang Specialist for the San Antonio Crime Coalition for 5 consecutive years. I am also a member of the Bexar County Reentry Initiative sponsored by the Commissioner's court.

I have officiated basketball for 12 years to date and received certification through UIL.

I am also a MMA instructor and personal trainer. I received my Black belt in 1986 from Grand Master Alvin Francis.

Keeping an open line of communication with your children is extremely crucial in their mental development process. Children should not have to process adult information without an adult giving an explanation,e.g.; news, media, music, movies and negative

environmental influences.

The Tutt Family values

Recent training of social workers, case managers and youth counselors in Palm Springs California. 

" I don't really know of anyone who can do what he does," Said Dan Martinez, Chairman of the San Antonio Crime Coalition. " He's well known in the gang world and will respected in that society." Article by: Peter Holley Express News

"He has a quiet intensity, but he's not shouting at you and he's not dramatic, Dr. Cook remembered noting Tutt's ability to apply psychology lessons to real world examples for his fellow students. "All of a sudden you find yourself listening to his ideas. Sometimes I

felt he was a more effective teacher than I was". Article by: Peter Holley Express News

"Through the years, I've met only a handful of people who know how to talk to kings and homeless people alike," said Barbara Hawkins, the executive director of the George Gervin Youth Center. "I believe he could be a great influence on some young guys who are making bad choices." Article by: Peter Holley Express News