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Gang Rehabilitation In Progress

Mission Statement


It is the mission of this program to enable positive thought during challenging situations for those individuals in a negative behavior cycle.

Incarcerating individuals is a punishment for breaking the law. It is not a solution to changing the way individuals process information in their environment. 

Our mission is to apply cognitive behavior therapy in order to recognize these negative influences in the present and past. Self awareness techniques are applied in order to allow an individual the opportunity to see his behavior as being not acceptable. Therapy cannot be successful if the individual doesn't believe he/she needs change. My research has proven that individuals who lack love for themselves cannot share love towards the next mankind. Our mission is to rebuild the city with the very same individuals that helped destroy the communities they inhabit by discrediting the "Hood Mentality" and enabling an awareness of the "Urban Identity Theory", I will not be a product of my environment.


Program Goals

Our goal is train professionals in law enforcement, educational institutions and judicial personnel about the psychological disorders of those they come in contact with due to negative behavior. This type of training will help professionals identify and understand what a negative behavior cycles is, and how to identify cognitive processing errors. This program will equip professionals with psychological training that will enable the identification of Urban Psychotherapy disorders. How do we redirect the psyche of an entire city? A city's structure can be rebuilt and beautified
, but the mental processing remains the same for those affected by negative environmental influences. Our goal is to change the city by changing the cognitive processing errors of those suffering from the "Urban Identity Theory".
Our brain responds with electrical impulses.
Why Cognitive training
Incarcerating individuals is a result of breaking the law it is not a solution to psychotherapy. Gang members and those released from incarceration think the same therefore the behavior more than likely will be the same. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a treatment approach that has empirically demonstrated effectiveness with a wide variety of disorders. CBT is a relatively brief but straightforward and collaborative approach to psychotherapy which includes multiple techniques all intended to facilitate changes in thinking, behavior and mood. The Cognitive & Behavior Redirection Center LLC applies conventional psychotherapy methods along with methods developed due to specific concerns of those inhabiting urban environments. These individuals are at risk for negative behavior due to negative environmental influences. The program also focuses on re-entry for the formally incarcerated by redirecting old thought patterns and recognizing triggers for relapse prevention of behavior and substance abuse.

Manuscript Available

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Understanding the Hood Mentality and Urban Identity Theory, Urban Psychotherapy Outlook.

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