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Gang Rehabilitation In Progress

Prison Psychosis

Prison Psychosis

Hood Mentality

Statement of justification

"This is all that I know", " aint no jobs for no body like me"

"Bitch shouldn't have been in the hood", "I gotta put in work the the set"....

"Kill me I don't care", "I'll die for my set and my homies"...

" I'll pop that fool if he look at me wrong again"...

" Fuck it I don't care"...

At risk youth exist every where

Who is really in control of you; you, or the unseen hand (Environmental Dictation)...

Those who have long term exposure to Negative Environmental Influences develop an extreme passion for violence and being in negative situations. Individuals that inhabit urban areas predictably possess a Cognitive Economic Disadvantage; a limited thought process due to limited information and resources in urban areas.
One who suffers from exposure to many levels of domestic violence which ultimately creates a violent 
belief system.
Individuals with multiple trips to prison are exposed to a controlled negative environment where expectations can be measured and coping skills decreased. Gang members have a high exposure to negative activities more than any other social group known. This high exposure to criminal activity can well be identified in gang members and predicted. Gang members and their behavior patterns are well within the scope prison psychosis.

Prison Psychosis is a  disorder where individual may possess one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Has become desensitized to the fear of death (not afraid to die nor take a life)
  • Has developed the Hood Mentality which promotes behavior that increases the chances of incarceration and/or death
  • Hatred for authorities figures with no sufficient reason e.g.; law enforcement, judicial personnel, academic instructors 
  • Unrealistic expectation that negative behavior will bring about financial success or relief.
  • Does not have the desire to be successful, would rather struggle than become a "square person" (law abiding citizen, dresses properly)
  • Risky sexual behavior correlates belief system on social sexual acceptance which lacks proper education.

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