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Gang Rehabilitation In Progress

Program Models

Behavior Analysis - A technique used to understand what precedes and follows a behavior, usually called target behavior.

step 1.  Identify the behavior

step 2.  Identify vulnerabilities

step 3.  Identify triggers

step 4.  Establish link between 1,2,3

step 5.  Identify consequences

step 6.  Create skilled based solutions

step 7.  Create plans for effective change (permanent) 

Environmental Dictation

Parental Behavior Transference

Many parents display negative behaviors that are deemed as acceptable in the house hold. Children may not understand parental behaviors because their brains are not yet equipped to understand things they see their parents doing because of not having any life experiences. Memories that children have are given to them by their parents, as well as the environment and social organizations. Many of these memories, of what I see my parents doing, are placed in subconscious areas of the brain because there are no emotions nor an understanding by the child. The problem arises when the child is faced with social/peer issues; such as smoking marijuana, at this point the response may be a natural acceptance due to parental behavior transference.

Manuscript Available

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Understanding the Hood Mentality and Urban Identity Theory, Urban Psychotherapy Outlook.

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Franklin Reality Model 
This module focuses on redirecting a client's mental processing of negative stimuli in their immediate environment as being a normal way of life . This module focuses highly on the reasoning behind joining a gang. Once the justification (permission statement) is discredited, then his behavior phase is analyzed.

NBC Negative Behavior Cycle

This module brings to awareness the fact that the decisions you've made are not of the norm, accepted by society. Your decisions cause you to be in a cycle of making bad choices that lead to incarceration, gang activities, participating in use and sell of narcotics; on a daily basis. The individual may also find himself not able to cope in relationships, with employers, and family members.

CPE Cognitive Processing Error

This module allows the client to become aware of his cognitive processing (thinking). How he views his environment, how does it make him feel, does his beliefs equal his actions.

What events lead up to the bad decision.

This is parental behavior transference at it's worst and best. Parents must be more responsible with the information and behavior we share with our kids.